BA HQs continued- Captain Tycho

The long dead Captain Tycho, now in 2 forms, normal and DC, but they really shouldnt have bothered putting him in with rules like this!

Captain Tycho


Well compared to a normal captain Tycho has no improvement other than the 2+sv from the Artificer armour


The dead mans hand: attacks ignoring armour saves and roll2D6 for armour penetration (he does not have a power weapon and hence does not get an extra attack). His digital weapons allow him to re-roll a single failed to wound roll.
Iron halo as per captain standard.
And he combi-melta called blood song with special ammunition (the bullets the sterguard vets have)
Special Rules

Rite of battle is the only real good one here, and for some bizarre reason hes the only HQ that has that rule!
Hes got preferred enemy to Orks (basically ignore it when it come to building competitive lists)


I just dont see it, and if someone else can tell me! what do you pay 75 extra points for over a captain? Dead mans hands ok but its not worth say 30 odd points (10 pts for the combi-melta, 15pts for artificer armour and 20pts for rites, which is a bit much IMHO) great he can do damage to tanks and also be versatile and hit troops ant initiative order but at the end of the day he is not good at either! and only 4 attacks on the charge, an honour guard can have more attacks than that. hes not worth the points.

But still there is a bit of me that still wants to use the him for the coolness factor.........

Death Company Tycho


Difference between DC and captain is DC Tycho has WS7 and 4A including a drop in to BS4, the drop in LD to 8 can largely be ignored cause hes Fearless and not an IC.


Hes got all the same stuff as normal Tycho here

Special Rules

Fearless, FNP, Fleet, FC, Relentless and PE:Orks, but this is where DC Tycho falls apart, Black Rage, so hes running all over the place, no IC status.


I could put Costs/Uses:Dont Buy/None but thats a bit harsh, although hes not worth his points at all (same cost as 7 DC with a power weapon and a powerfist!) There is one, just one use I have for him. Put him in a Stormraven, get him out, fleet and assault. even then I would say hes not very good at that job for his points!



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