BA HQs continued- Chapter Master Gabriel Seth

Gabriel Seth is the Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers. There it is in one sentence why you might want to take Seth! Flesh Tearers, one of my favourite chapters, but lets look past his fluff and get down to the bare bones..........


You have to compare this guy to a Captain, hes go +1A & W which is a good start, although im not sure how useful +1W is without eternal warrior, certainly +1A will be benefitical.


Blood Reaver and of course an iron halo.
Blood Reaver is a two-handed s8 chainsword that causes rending. Right time to take a step back and figure out what all that means. Two-handed, well that extra attack is all the more important now! s8 going at initiative order, sounds good on paper but when is that going to be better than a powerfist? most things that you need strengeth 8 for will also have 3+ saves and you cant be relying on rending to cause wounds now can you!

Special Rules

Whirlwind is an intresting rule, hes can automaticly hit all models in base-to-base with his s8 rend, now thats great if your character is mobbed by models (then you can get 6) but most of the time you are not. Now there is one intresting application to his rule, hit a vehicle with it, automatically! if hes got a priest near by (likely) then you can automatically hit a vehicle thats moved greater than 6" (not to mean that you cant hit them otherwise!) with a st9 rending attack! and most of the time ur hitting rear armour 10, bye bye waveserpent/falcon (altho on the falcon youll probably shake it!)
He also has Ferocious Instincts which lets him make a st4 attack that automatically hits (doesnt he love autohit) for each 1 the enemy rolls to hit, this is a good side add on, in the cases where this will do damage ie 30 orks all hitting him! he will be dead by the end of combat anyways.


This is where picking Seth just doesnt add up, literally! As ive said already he has very few uses, mainly combat, with no army wide modifing? A captain with a powerfist has -1W and -1A but doesnt need to worry about rending (35pts cheaper) and will actually cause those vital wounds on MCs etc, bar the autohit vehicle rule there is nothing special that Seth actually bring to the table.


His roles on the battle field are limited, Ideally he should be taken with a 9/10 man assault squad and bundled up the battlefield in a rhino or LR........... to be perfectly honest Im only going to take him when the Fleshtearers role out.....




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