BA HQs continued- Chaplain Tactica

Chaplains are critical to a Blood Angels force, the spiritual guardians of the chapter entrusted in keeping check on the Chapters Black Rage and the Death Company.

In this section im combining both the Reclusiarch and the normal elite chaplain in one, because I think its best to compare the two and see if there is any reason to take one or the other.

Reasons to take a chaplain

There are a number of reason why chaplains are worth having a look at, a free power weapon and iron halo already makes them close to worth their points IMO.
On top of that they have a special power called Honour of the Chapter which makes the unit they join Fearless.
And the most important power Liturgies of Blood allowing the Chaplin and the unit he has joined to reroll of missed hits in the turn they charge, and if the unit is a DC they can also reroll failed to wounds.


So first of these guys are unit enhancers, never leave these guys on there own.

So either this guy runs in a DC or another unit so lets look at each separately:

In Death Companys Chaplains are a must, the ability to reroll to hit and wound on the turn they charge makes even a 5 man DC a formidable combat unit. On the charge a DC can more than likely kill any unit in the game.

Attaching a Chaplain to a normal squad gives them Fearless but not the reroll to wound, the Chaplain is a versatile character being able to take jump packs and bikes therefore he can be in any squad. Combining a Chaplain with an Assault squad and a priest can make for an expensive but highly resilient unit that wont run from morale checks and pinning.

Are they worth their points?

First we must compare the two and why would take either over the other:

Reclusiarch (HQ)
Pros: Not an Elites choice (very useful), Extra wound and attack etc
Cons: cost 30 pts more (for not much)

Chaplain (Elites)
Pros: cheaper
Cons: takes up an elites slot

So it essentially comes down to your army build in most cases if you have a extra elite slot then go for the regular chaplain but if you dont or you need a HQ then go for the Reclusiarch.

Now we need to see if they are worth their points in comparison to the rest of the choices in the Blood Angel codex.

Well the main competitor to the Chaplain has to be the Librarian, with the preferred enemy power (which can be used every combat round) it can do the same role as a chaplain but slightly differently, straight of the bat we have a different set of wargear, the Libby has a force weapon and hood but lacks the 4++ sv. But the Libby has a second power and this tips the scales in favour of the libby for most people as it makes them much more versatile (I will take more about them in my Librarian Tactica). But the Chaplain is not doomed it still has fearless and the fact that its reroll is much better than the Librarians for two reasons, it can be used against tanks and secondly its not a psychic power (obvious why).

So when will taking a Chaplain be useful?

  • When using a Death Company
  • When you need a unit to be fearless
  • When more you have more than 1-2 big combat units
  • Cause they are cool!
Special mention to Chaplain Lemartes: he is a good value character upgrade and packs a punch but Im not going to talk about him until the DC tactica, but he is extremely hard to use as he has a jump pack and therefore the DC should really be having jump packs and that means rage which is as I have said before a big problem when it comes to DC.

In the end most armies will look past the Chaplains as most armies will not bother with DCs as rage makes them difficult to play. Which is a pity because they are such an important part of the Blood Angels theme.


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