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So to get the ball rolling on my blog im going to start with the army im loving the most atm, Blood Angels........

First off lets just have a look at what we are looking at, we have a number of special characters, Reclusiarch, Librarian and the captain along with Honour Guard as sort-of rentinue.

Special Characters

Commander Dante

Well every BA codex I have ever looked at this guys is the first page I turn to. From the outset he seems like a decent choice. lets break him down....


Well he looks fairly ok here, only thing that stands out is his I6 and A4(5) which are pretty good.


2+ save and 4++ inv, solid.
Master-crafted power weapon and inferno pistol, the power weapon is a bit of a let down but the inferno pistol is a nice addition
Death Mask of Sanginius: -1WS, W, I, A plus the normal rules for death mask, this could come in handy but altogether against most opponents is going to reduce the effectiveness of their Combat HQ or just soften him up.

Special Rules

This has to be where Dante makes his points up, army wide rules but not all you might expect!
Tactical Precision: Dante and the unit he joins (provided they have Jump packs) dont roll to scatter when Deep Striking! This rules opens up alot of options, especially when he is with a 10man squad or Honour Gaurd, Melta weaponry will always been in 6/3" which is very reassuring.
Surgical Strike: Hit and Run, alot of people overlook this, its really good, especially in an army where charges are so destructive, Furious charge, can be game changing
Ontop of all that he make Sanguinary Guard troops, obviously this is only good if you plan on taking SG which might not be as straight forward a choice...


For his points I think Dante is worth it, given that he is more of an enhancer rather that a CC monster I think he fits straight into most Jump pack armies and is going to be a safe choice for those wanting alot of golden in their armies...


Very obvious is to point out that this guy needs to be in a unit with JPs, no doubt. Make use of his Tactical Precision and rock out some meltas or flamers. Obvious choice being HG with the ability to take 5 melta/flamer weapons, but I would be more inclined to go for a Assault marine squad and pop a sanguinary priest in, give you great flexibility and they are scoring, you can never have to many of those, ontop of that the new codex lets you take 2 meltaguns and an inferno pistol- thats 4 melta shots! and you still have more bodies behind you.
Or you can go for Sanguinary Guard, not my favourite unit due to there high points cost and will be the most expensive of the 3 choices for number of models but they are scoring and have some of the most beautiful models I have ever seen!
Just a note for those who are wondering, Vanguard Vets cant have ICs and Heroic Intervention so he cant join them.

Typical units:

10 Assault Marine: 2 meltaguns, Inferno pistol, Powerfist, JPs: 250
and a Sanguinary Priest: JP: 75
total: 325

Honour Guard: 5 meltaguns, JPs: 215
Honour Guard: 5 flamers, JPs: 190

Sanguinary Guard: 2 inferno pistols, 2 powerfists: 240

The reason I didnt give the SG a priest here is because they should survive light fire and FNP wont help against ap1 and 2 shots.
Although I am not a fan of SG because of their cost, there is no doubting their effectiveness when paired with Dante.

To me its clear, if you want bodies go for AS, if you want good and scoring go for SG and if you want pure points effectiveness go for HG.



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