BA HQs continued- The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host

Sorry this is just the stupidest special character that GW have brought out for a while! Appears out of nowhere, some sort of essence of Sanguinius. Anyways im not here to talk about fluff!

This is not The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host but Sanguinius the Blood Angels Primarch, stunning similarity, I suppose if you ever wanted to use pre-Heresy Blood Angels...........


Its difficult to compare hes stats to any other character, and rightly so, but there is a few things here that stand out, WS8 is nice, S5 is a must considering he only has a power weapon, 5A is alot, but only 3W and T4........


Artificer armour, JP obviously and Glaive Encarmine (MC-Power weapon) nothing special really.

Special Rules

There are alot of these. 
Aura of Fervour: +1A for all units in 6" (except himself)
Avenging Angel: pick one of your opponents HQ units and for the rest of the game the Sanguinor can re-roll to hit and to wound against that unit.
Eternal Warrior, Fearlesss & Furious Charge
The Sanguinor's Blessing: randomly pick a sergeant to gain +1WS, A, I, A (basically a mini HQ)
Undyielding Will: and finally a 3++ inv save


Starting at the basics, hes not an IC! shock, ya major blow for this guy, so what can we do with him.
Well with EW and a 3++ he can take plenty of shots, which he doubtless will be doing. keeping a SP near by will improve this guys chances of survival. So essentially the Sanguinor must be near other units (but cant be in them) so you make the most out of that +1A bubble and try and smash him into the HQ unit you picked.
Its not a great prospect I find when you have to build your army around a Special Character just to make him work and thats exactly what you have to do with the Sanguinor. Personally I would want to make the most of the +1A, so Id keep him near 2 10 man Assault squads and an Honour Guard, so you get FNP and FC for all. This would be a solid block of marines which should be aimed at the main bulk of your enemies force. Give the Honour Guard unit a banner and watch your opponent scratch his head over what unit to shoot at (each honour guard will then have 2+1(banner)+1(Aura)+1(2CC)+1(charge)= 6 attacks each (and they dont cost a bomb either). He is rather good at absorbing anti-tank fire (which is whats needed to take him down from distance) 13-14 bs4 s>6 ap<3 shots are required to kill him! now that puts him in an odd position, instead of having him in an army with assault marines, have him in a mechanised force, using him as a way to draw firepower away from your army, with rhinos and LRs following behind your opponent has to decide to shot him or let him live and your full army can come out of transport and charge with his aura.


This is unfortunately where the Sanguinors quest for a spot on my army list halts, to a stop. See for that many points is he really worth it? hes only good at killing infantry at s6 max, hes got a decent save but that's not so great when you consider that hes not an IC, the blessing is random (which makes it half useless, unless all your sergeants are kitted out), your opponent knows what HQ you've pick and will promptly avoid his charge. I think that hes not worth his points certainly there are better choices both HQ and otherwise in the Blood Angels codex........



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